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President’s Message會長的話

The world is but one nation and its citizens one people. Beneath our skin,we have the make up of a human being. As a medical doctor myself, I knowfull well that with the scientific knowledge we have, I can treat anyoneof any colour or background who walks into my Clinic.Similarly with our international knowledge, we can also seek work in anypart of the world which need our talent and skill. What a wonderful worldwe can have and live in. That is the theme of this cover issue.Human civilisation and political governance have come a long way in thedevelopment of human history. However, human beings and their societiesstill grapple with the ideas of how to live together in harmony and sharedsecurity and prosperity. Many countries in this 21st century have achievedthe basis of a good governance and government that we can proudlyrecognised as advanced civilised societies. Australia is one of them in myopinion.Like many advance civilised nations, Australia has also been through a lotof trial and error to get to its current successful nation state.Australia is made up of many migrants coming from over 180 nationalitiesaround the world apart from about 3 % of citizens who can claim themselvesas indigenous population.
Australia was formed as a colony of United Kingdom in 1788. Most of herpopulation is still anglo-saxon origin. A White Australia policy was inplace until early 1970 when non-white population suffered severeddiscrimination and oppression especially our indigenous population. Since1972, it gradually changes for the good of all citizens regardless of itscolours, language, religion and background. It has transformed into anegalitarian multiracial and multicultural nation. All citizens are equalunder the rule of laws and protected by its democratic governance andinstitutions. A report by the Australian Citizenship Council published inFebruary 2000 by the Commonwealth of Australia outlined the mutualobligation and duties of its citizens and government, working together tocreate a harmonious society/nation with shared security, duties andprosperities.
Although many advanced civilised nation like Australia have fairly similarstable , good governance and governments but our multicultural policiesstand out among the few. It is well worth for any developing nation tofollow.

All the best wishes for the year 2013.

Dr Ka Sing Chua

President, World Huaren Federation





人类文明和政治治理在人类历史发展中经过了漫长的道路。但是,人类和他们的 社会仍然对如何和睦共处、共享安全和繁荣的理念“挣扎拼搏”。许多国家在21世纪奠定了良好治国的基础并建立了我们可以自豪地公认为先进文明社会的政府,我认为澳大利亚是其中之一的国家。


澳大利亚除了其约3% 的公民是可以自称为原住民外,是由许多移民组成的,他们来自世界各地180个以上的民族。

澳大利亚在1788年成为大不列颠和北爱尔兰联合王国的一个殖民地,其大部分人口仍然是盎格鲁撒克逊人的后裔。白澳政策直到二十世纪70年代初才被废止,在此之前,非白种人口受种族歧视和压迫。特别是我们的原住民。从1972年以来有关政策逐渐改变得对所有的公民有利 ,而不论其肤色、语言、宗教和背景如何。澳大利亚转变成为一个主张人人平等的多民族、多元文化的国家。所有公民在法律规定下都是平等的并得到其民主治理和法律机构和政府的保护。澳大利亚联邦政府于20002月公布的澳大利亚公民委员会的报告概括了其公民和政府双方的义务和责任,共同努力致力于创建一个共享安全和繁荣并共同承担责任的和谐的社会和国家。






据新华网北京7月20日电:7月20日,马英九当选中国国民主席。当晚,中共中央总书记习近平向马英九主席发出贺电。习近平在贺电中表示:“值此 先生当选中国国民党主席之际,我谨表祝贺。当前,两岸关系站在新的起点上,面临重要机遇。贵我两党实当顺应世界发展之大势、两岸同胞福祉之大义,登高望 远,深化互信,良性互动,继续推动两岸关系全面发展,拓宽两岸关系和平发展道路,俾使两岸关系不断前行,共同为两岸同胞之幸福、中华民族之复兴而携手努 力。”
另据新华社消息报道,同日,中国国民党主席马英九复电,向习近平表示感谢。马英九在复电中表示:“贺电敬悉,谨致谢忱。1992年,海峡两 岸达成各自以口头声明方式表达坚持一个中国原则的共识。本党自五年前在台湾重返执政伊始,相关部门立即在此项九二共识的基础上,恢复两岸中断近十年的和解 与合作,迄今已签署19项协议。双方关系的大幅改善,对促进两岸和平与繁荣,提升两岸人民福祉,贡献甚大。两岸人民同属中华民族,都是炎黄子孙,希望贵我 两党在现有基础上,继续扩大与深化两岸的交流合作,以进一步发扬中华文化,复兴中华民族,促进两岸永续的和平与繁荣。”

Editor's note:

We are very happy to see how PRC and ROC have been able to work together in peace and shared prosperity and security for the commongood of all Chinese peoples.

Best wishes to both the Governments of PRC and ROC.

Dr. Ka Sing Chua

From the Editor

It has been a hectic busy 6 months. As we are all volunteers and due to some unforeseen circumstances, we have to combine the January and May issue of our Emagazine. We have finally put them together with the help of Dr Yit Seng Yow my co-editor, James Yin, our web-master, Matthew , our cover designer and many other contributors. Keep your articles coming and next issue is scheduled to be published in September.

Happy readings.

I wish to inform you that we have started to collect great achievers of Chinese descent around the globe. These achievers must have life long contribution to humanity in their respective fields. Their stories will be published on our website. I welcome anyone who knows of such great achievers, please send them to contact@huaren.org or kchua@huaren.org . Currently we have the stories of Professor Da Hsuan Feng and Professor See Leang Chin appeared under Chinese Communities: Distinguished Achievers.

Best regards

Dr. Ka Sing Chua

Dear Kasing,
This edition of the Huaren magazine is by far the best of any production I have seen globally.
Obviously, the standard of the magazine, as judged by the caliber of the authors and the content, is sophisticated and intellectual, has jumped leaps and bounds.
Please accept my personal congratulations to a publication, now in the leading edge of the Chinese Diaspora. Keep the standard up and keep it coming.
Congratulations, once again and well done.

Dr Anthony Pun,
National President
Cbinese Community Council of Australia.l

Is America Ready for China as an 'Equal Brother?'

Grievance Debate - Chinese Acknowledgement

Chris Hayes MP – Adjournment – Multiculturalism 25 June 2013

UN declares China to be 2014 Best Country in the World

Dear all
While we congratulate China's achievement, China Government must not be too complacent as there are still a lot of work to be done for her disadvantaged citizens.
Dr Ka Sing Chua

Dear all

Please watch the following youtube then you know why we cannot forget the Nazi Japanese's atrocities during the WW2, inflicted on Chinese, the Korean and other people including Australians.

The so-called civilised modern Japanese Government must officially repent on behalf of Japanese people and pay appropriate compensation in money and kind to all surviving war victims and families like modern Germany did. We can then forgive Japan and respect the true moral courage of modern Japanese people. Until then we must keep reminding their people of this cruel history of the Japanese past.


Dear all

Japanese W11 Atrocity is still fresh in our mind. Less we forget.

The current Japanese Prime Minister Abe is not "an exemplary International Citizen" no matter how much Tony Abbott wishes to curry favour with him. He should at least take note of what Malcolm Fraser, Bob Hawke and John Howard's opinion. He should go back to learn the history of Japanese's atrocity during W11 including treatments received by Australian POW in Sandakan etc.

Tony Abbott should also join international friends of Japan including many Japanese citizens, telling Abe to follow the real " exemplary international citizen" i.e. German President HE Angela Merkel.

Japan should return the "disputed islands Senkaku or Diaoyu islands" back to China as promised after their surrender in 1945 and pay lots of compensation to China and other affected countries. Then the current conflict will be resolved immediately. The American President Obama should advice Japan to do likewise. We do not need an arm race in the Asia Pacific region. We certainly do not need a war to resolve the current conflict which is being blown out of proportion by Abe.

Dr Ka Sing Chua

Why I support 80-20 and why you should, too!
By Alice S. Huang

"After living in this country for more than 90% of my life, I am still asked questions like, where are you from? and receive comments on how good my English is! Caucasian minority immigrants in the U.S., once they lose their accents, can pass as White Americans; but we Asian American immigrants will not be able to easily blend into this country's majority population. Despite our educational attainments and earnings, both of which are higher than the average American's, we stand out and can easily become targets of racial harassment or discrimination. To avoid this we need to whole-heartedly participate and contribute in every aspect of American society to the extent that we become indispensable and gain enough influence and power in the economic, military, and political realms to protect ourselves.

This is because racial bias, and worse prejudice, is alive and well in the United States. On top of that the populace is prone to hysteria and fear of those who appear to be different. U.S. history is full of examples of racial laws passed by Congress to prevent Blacks, Chinese, or Mexicans from exercising their full civil rights. The internment of Japanese during the Second World War and their loss of homes and property stand out as examples of what can happen due to mass hysteria. Despite the passage of the Civil Rights Act in 1968 and declaration of the unconstitutionality of the Anti-Miscegenation laws in 1967, these rights are not always fully enforced. More recently, after 9/11, besides the continued debates in the U.S. about limiting immigration, there were even questions concerning the rights of naturalized citizens and whether they could be jailed or deported without trial.

As Asian Americans most of us are still focused on our individual families and remain comfortable in the protective social niches that are isolated from mainstream America. Look around us. We cannot ignore that: (1) our children, who volunteered to join the armed forces to fight for the U.S., are often harassed to the extent that they have resorted to suicide as the only way to escape their tormentors; (2) our children's racial profile rather than their capabilities determines their entrance into the college of their choice; (3) we are too slowly entering the power structure of professions compared with those of us who fully qualify due to our training and capabilities; and (4) increasingly there is open resentment of recent wealthy Chinese immigrants who purchase desirable real estate or have the poor taste to build "McMansions".

Although we all hope that our and our progeny's contributions will be gradually recognized and rewarded, we cannot totally ignore the possibility of a sudden reversal of fortune for Asian Americans. Such a reversal could easily happen if the relationship between the governments of the United States and any one of the Asian countries increase in animosity or distrust leading to open warfare. As a group we should accept that self-promotion is an acceptable behavior in successful democracies. That is where 80-20 becomes so important. Unlike other Asian American associations and societies, it is not focused on just educational and cultural exchange. It promotes Asian Americans through political action as its primary goal and secondarily to prevent the stereotyping and denigration of Asian Americans through tasteless venues such as entertainment and in a variety of other circumstances.

Why is 80-20 trying so hard to raise financial support? Only with a strong and sustained financial base will we be able to attract a professional staff dedicated to educate and involve Asian Americans of all ages in the democratic political process and provide the tools for self-interested activism. We need to forge a strong coalition with other Asian American organizations so that by strength in numbers we can increase our political influence. Staff is needed to engage in wide surveillance of activities that prevent the advancement of Asian Americans, make these activities known, and solicit and coordinate appropriate action to counter these activities. This is the right time for 80-20 to succeed, and if does not, it will be because we are still too provincial to see the opportunity we have to provide future security for ourselves and our children.

For all the above reasons, I have directed my main philanthropic efforts recently to 80-20, hoping that a strong financial base in its educational arm will bring together more like-minded Asian Americans who are fully aware of racial history and the unpredictable nature of human society. Gradually, through political and civic education, my hope is that 80-20 as a political action committee will be able to gain strength and influence to fight for justice and fairness for ALL Asian Americans and at the same time educate a cadre of Asian American leaders who will dedicate themselves to being selfless public servants and exemplars of what we can offer to this country.

Why does 80-20 need to raise money? Beside what have been mentioned above.
it also needs to forge a strong and lasting coalition with other Asian American organizations. Join us and help us to accomplish all this by donating as generously as you can." (The End)

In response to the following debates.

The Truth - Documentary on DiaoYu Islands by Chris Nebe .

Why Australia is choosing old enemy Japan over China

Access Asialink July 2014 - Don't take China for granted says Ambassador, insights on agribusiness and events in your city


President of 80-20, U.S.A.

WANT TO HELP STRIKE A BLOW to create the “deterrent
” that will prevent future derogatory depictions of people of
Chinese descent?

UNITE! Demand that FOX TV FIRE this talking head who on a
public broadcast said:

"The Chinese are the single biggest threat to the national
security of the U.S.
,” a talking head on FOX TV said on
7/10. "They have been, they will be and they can
wait, they're very patient. Do you know what we just
did? As usual, we bring them over here and we teach a
bunch of Chinamen -- er, Chinese people -- how to do
computers and then they go back to China and hack
into us."

Click here to hear the racist xenophobic statement, expressed with
such hateful body language and hand gestures. He seems bent on
inciting a race war against Chinese. He had damaged grievously
the psychological, physical and career welfare of Chinese-Ams.

For such a serious offense, an apology is NOT enough.
He must be FIRED.

Clipper's owner Donald Sterling was banned from NBA for life and
forced to sell the team for his racial slur against black in a private
This talking head called ALL people of Chinese
descent “the single biggest threat to the national security of the US”
and used a “C word” in a public broadcast!

America came down hard on Sterling, as it should. Why is my
country so silent on this talking head, Fox TV and Mr. Murdock??

80-20 shall never quit in this demand. We want this to be
the LAST such statements in major TV channels — establishing
a “deterrent effect”. Otherwise, frequent statements against
people of Chinese descent will occur. Our nation could become
so psychologically conditioned to implicitly and explicitly act
AGAINST the rightful interests of Chinese- and Asian-Americans.

We have a huge amount of tools ready to call this to Fox’s
attention. See Footnote 1.

For now, however, we’ll try REASONING. Please send email to
Roger Ailes, Pres. of Fox News Channel
roger.ailes@foxnews.com and Comments@foxnews.com .
Use your own words or state:

“Subject: Fire Beckel or I’ll boycott Fox

Fire Bob Beckel for the sake of ethnic harmony,
world peace and your own reputation. I'll NEVER
abandon this demand. If you do fire Beckel, I'll
remember and respect you for it. If you don’t,
I’ll help create a boycott of products of Fox
advertizers by Chinese people worldwide.
Your name, city and sate”

Do it now! This may not work. So start organizing your own
community and friends and get ready for a big and long battle.
Thank you.


S. B. Woo, a volunteer
President, 80-20 National Asian Am. Educational Foundation, Inc.

China presents an olive leaf to USA

BEIJING (Reuters) - China and the United States need to "plant more flowers, not thorns" in their relationship and Washington needs to have a more objective view about China, state media on Thursday quoted President Xi Jinping as saying ahead of a key meeting.
Xi, speaking to former U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson ahead of next week's China-U.S. Strategic and Economic Dialogue, said he hoped both countries could use such gatherings to keep "injecting positive energy" into the relationship.
"The two sides should expand common interests, deepen cooperation, plant more flowers, not thorns, clear the interference and avoid suspicion and confrontation," Xi was quoted as saying by the official China Daily.
China would stick to the path of peaceful development and shoulder its international duties, Xi added.
"We hope the U.S. will objectively view China's basic national conditions as well as its domestic and foreign policies," he said.
China and the United States, as the world's two largest economies, have close trade and business ties and work together on important international issues like North Korea.
But they also have deep differences, over everything from human rights to the value of the Chinese currency.
U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, who will attend the Strategic and Economic Dialogue in Beijing, said on Tuesday the yuan's value was a "very big issue" for the United States and that the currency needed to appreciate more.
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is also attending, and will likely have to address Chinese concerns over what Beijing views as Washington's support for Japan, Vietnam and the Philippines over their territorial disputes with China.
China's increasingly assertive tone in the disputed East and South China Seas, as well as its rising military expenditure, have rattled nerves in the region and in Washington.
(Reporting by Ben Blanchard; Editing by Nick Macfie)


一篇有血有泪的好文章。孙中山先生曾批评国人是一盆散沙,台湾作家柏杨也痛心疾首地指出中国人一个人是龙,一群人成虫。柏杨君的话虽然有失于偏颇,说的是卻实情。换言之,不少同胞都是"自了汉"(只顾自己,不顾大局者谓之),一般缺乏洋人崇尚而且多有的团队精神( Esprit de corps,意指 feelings of loyalty, enthusiasm, and devotion to a group among people who are members of the group )。最方便的证据是球类比赛:桌球羽毛球中国运动员曾多次荣获世界冠军;然而一旦要求团队合作的比赛,例如篮球和足球,中国队就肯定场场敬陪末座。谚语有"见微知著"之说,谓"看到微小的苗头,就知道可能会发生显著的变化。比喻小中见大、以小见大"也。

明白这一点,也就能明白为什么一些小国,如越南和菲律宾,对于美俄有时也会礼让几分的中国,在中国南海的主权争端中,居然近乎为所欲为而且占了便宜还卖乖。或问莫非这两国吃了狼心豹胆乎 ?非也! 只系睇穿了中国的二仔底,出大事时中国人未必能举国同仇敌忾,进而一心一德共赴国难,不达目的决不甘休而已!

记得此前国内有超英赶美之说,其立意本来不坏,盖有竞争才有进步,中国如是,美国亦如是也。虽然,前者已经成为事实,不过律以今日所见的国人普遍德性,鄙见认为后者还是以暂时免提为上策。庶几不致蒙受异想天开之讥也 ! 祸哉 !







南京死了30万人,除了是鬼子太残暴,还有就是国人太聪明。要知道去杀30万只猪或狗,一不小心还会弄个工伤事故、感染死亡什么的,难道30万南京人真的是 猪狗不如?一个台湾老兵、南京大屠杀的幸存者回忆那段历史时写道:我们可能永远不懂5个日本鬼子就可以押着2000人去屠杀!2000人,像猪一样任凭5 个人屠杀,多么可怕的事情啊!

虽然那5个日本兵有枪,也有刀,但是那2000人并没有被捆着,完全可以动手反抗。可是他们没有,据某个幸存者口述,他曾经怂恿其他人一起冲上去,可惜回应 他的除了沉默,还是沉默。因为大家都是聪明人,他们明白虽然2000人肯拼命肯定能赢,但是第一个冲上去的肯定会死,所以他们聪明地独善其身,把希望寄托 在有其他人第一个冲上去。








我觉得,我们的教育需要反思,我们的媒体需要反思,所有媒体除了对恐怖分子的谴责就是对逝者的祈福,为什么不反思?我们的男人的血性都去哪儿了?最好的防守 是进攻,以暴制暴!他的目标是砍死你,你跑是跑不掉的!你跑了,被砍死的肯定是跑不动的老弱病残!如果遇到这种事情,每个人都反抗呢?每个男人都拼死反抗 呢?他们还敢几个人就搞个恐怖袭击?









我一时语塞,无言以对。只好说:我国的科学家、哲学家、作家和中医学家都一心忙事业、学雷锋,没工夫赚钱。不但钱学森、竺可桢和袁隆平买不起飞机,就连中国 古代的墨子、张衡、张仲景、祖冲之、孙思邈、毕升、李时珍和近代的冯友兰、鲁迅都买不起。孔子那么伟大,有时连吃饭都成问题。



美国朋友不顾我的感受,仍然趾高气昂:如果一个民族把演艺界明星捧得比天还高,那么它是不堪一击的。记得你们中国有句诗吧?“暖风熏得游人醉,只把杭州当汴 州”!一个连科学家、哲学家、作家和自己的中医事业、文化事业都不重视的国家。即使航母再多,兵力再强,也形同虚设,不堪一击!




Dear Sir / Madam,

The Dragon Foundation is pleased to announce the Dragon 100 (龍匯100) 2014. It will take place from 11-18 October 2014 in Hong Kong and Taiwan, focusing on the theme of “Entrepreneurship & Social Innovation”. We would like to invite you to nominate participants who are outstanding potential Chinese leaders aged 18-35 with demonstrated leadership skills, an excellent academic record, talent in non-academic areas and a commitment to serve the community. The closing date for nominations is 31 July 2014.

The annual Dragon 100 Young Chinese Leaders Forum was initiated by the Dragon Foundation in 2002. Since then it has brought together 100 youth leaders of Chinese origin from around the world every year. Intended as a platform for sharing views and generating synergy, it provides stimulus for innovation, enthusiasm and commitment.

Entrepreneurship is all about innovation and creativity, which are major characteristics of young people. It is also a way to generate and promote economic growth. Thus entrepreneurship can be considered both a way of thought and of behaviour, in that it not only requires imagination and passion, but also specific traditional functions such as marketing and finance. The Dragon 100 – 2014 Programme serves as a platform for young entrepreneurs, both established, as well as the up-and-coming, to sit down and openly discuss the challenges and opportunities that face those seeking this particular pathway.

Programme factsheet and nomination form are enclosed, should you have further queries or require any more information, please do not hesitate to contact the Secretariat of The Dragon Foundation, by telephone: (852) 2811-2779, by fax: (852) 2811-2669 or by e-mail: info@dragonfoundation.net Further information may also be obtained at our website www.dragonfoundation.net

We look forward to hearing from you in due course.

Mabel Woo
Project Manager
The Dragon Foundation
Tel : (852) 2811 2779

Dragon 100 - 2014 (Factsheet)

Dragon 100 Application Guidelines_2014

Dragon Foundation Leaflet (May 2014)

Nomination form_ Dragon 100 2014 [LOCKED]


Dear Prime Minister Abe,

Congratulations to Mr. Stone’s speech which is very accurate therefore deserves respect.

On the contrary, it is very much regrettable that you want to continue to pay your respects to those (14) convicted Class-A war criminals today!

John Lee


New Cross-strait Alliance.

Oliver Stone’s Advice to Japan: Apologize

By Mitsuru Agence France-Presse/Getty Images

U.S. film director Oliver Stone speaks before press in Tokyo on August 12.

Film director Oliver Stone, who is no stranger to controversy, turned from his sharp attacks on the U.S. for the atomic bombings of Japan to criticize his hosts over their attitude to China and other Asian neighbors.

In a speech to foreign correspondents in Tokyo, Mr. Stone said that Japan needs to more completely apologize for its wartime acts, and said it should also resist a shift to relying on military might to deal with security challenges posed by its neighbors such as China and North Korea.

Japan’s leaders have expressed “deep remorse” over the physical damage and psychological pain the country has inflicted on other Asian countries, but repeated visits by cabinet ministers to a controversial war shrine in Tokyo and growing talk of revising the nation’s peace constitution have made other countries skeptical about the intention of these remarks.

He said that if Japan came out with a more forthright apology “that would make front-page headlines everywhere in the world.”

He added that Japan, which is locked in a territorial dispute with China over a small group of islands, should look more broadly at ties between the two countries.

“Don’t look at China as your enemy. Start seeing it differently. Start by apologizing to China for what you did in China and all the people you killed there,” Mr. Stone said. “Japan’s interest in the long-term could very much lie with China.”

Mr. Stone described Japan’s face-off with China over disputed territories in the East China Sea as like “some kid who goes out there and picks fights and then has got his big brother behind him to go clean up after him,” referring to the United States’ security obligations to Japan.

He argued that Japan should show leadership in resolving conflicts in a peaceful manner. “We want to see Japan playing a leading role in making this a more peaceful world by resolving the conflicts in the Pacific in a way that shows the vision of Japan,” he said. “Japan has a peace constitution and a commitment to nuclear non-resolution.”

Mr. Stone’s view is formed by his skepticism of power and his belief in political checks and balances. He went as far as to praise China for not handing over American national security leaker Edward Snowden to the United States. “I’m glad that China didn’t arrest him. At least China had the guts to stand up (to the United States) that way.”

The famous director is in Japan to promote his documentary series, “The Untold History of the United States,” which presents an alternative interpretation of the country’s history in the 20th century, challenging the narrative of America as an “underdog.” The series will be aired by Japan’s national broadcaster NHK.

The documentary includes discussion of the two atomic bombings. Peter Kuznick, professor of history at American University, who worked with Stone in the production of the documentary, said it was “a learning experience for both of us” to meet with the victims of the bombing, as well as historians and journalists in Japan. The documentary contends that the long-held assertions that the bombings were necessary to end the war are untrue and that other factors, such as the Soviet Union’s entry into the war against Japan was a strong factor in the country’s surrender.

“The more we see and the more we learn, the more troubling it is for us and the more we realize how important Japan’s coming to grips with its past is for Japan, but also for the United States and for the rest of the world. Japan and the United States are linked together in this web of deceit in which we both collaborate to tell lies about all of our history,” he said.

The 2nd Confucius Forum a Big Successful 第二届“孔子论坛”成功举办

The 2nd Confucius Forum on 16 Sept 孔子学院9月16日举办第二届“孔子论坛”

Mike Yang's response on Tuesday to Clive Palmer's China comments

Abe's Article 9 blitz alarms Asia

In Chinese:

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